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PRAS:Paradise Rubber Athletic Shoes

Japan’s PRAS / Paradise Rubber Athletic Shoes is the creation of Anachronorm designer Tanushi Tomoki, and is a new standard in quality and durability.

The shoes feature heavy-duty vulcanised soles, a manufacturing process that only two factories in Japan, and none in the USA, are still able to produce. This involves bonding the rubber sole to the upper using heat in a kiln and was common in the production of heavy-duty military-grade footwear in the mid-twentieth century.

The use of quality materials in PRAS sneakers doesn’t stop there, with the brand using the finest Hanpu cotton, woven in Kojima, Japan, on vintage Toyoda looms, to produce the uppers. Non-slip soles, inspired by those used on 1950s US Navy athletic shoes, continues the exceptional attention to detail right throughout the shoe. The result of this is a sneaker of unsurpassed quality, durability and comfort, elevating the humble athletic shoe to new levels.

The PRAS collection is made entirely in Japan.


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