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[SCHA] makes unique hats and clothes, all the pieces are handmade in SCHA own manufactory in Cologne, Germany, in small and the vintage qualities, in limited editions.

The designer behind [SCHA] label, Ewa Kulasek, studied painting and sculpture. Graduated from the Academy of fine arts in Duesseldorf. 2004 she started this German label and presented her first hat collection. 2012 she started the collaboration with CDG and Rei Kawakubo in person to realise together special creations under two labels. She works as artist and designer. Hats created by Ewa Kulasek distinguish themselves from mainstream offers in headdress-fashions by a different way of handling form and material. "For me as an artist, hats represent a subject which works as a medium. People wearing these creations gain the option of performing some kind of poetical self-image in their everyday lives."


Designer statement

What is important about my clothes: they are about creation, they are about confidence, they are about freedom, they are about personality, they are about emotions, they are about sensuality, they are about feelings, they are about joy, they are about dreams, they are about beauty, they are about the way we live.

Ewa Kulasek


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