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Ound chooses to work only with wool and silk. Two tactile materials that have an intimate feel and are pleasant against the skin. In combination, their properties are enhanced and they perform best in terms of comfort and thermal insulation.

Ound's hand-knitted pieces are made in Uruguay, a small country in southern South America that is home to exceptional wool and craftsmanship. Besides Australia and New Zealand, Uruguay has some of the finest Merino herds – small in number and with abundant land to graze. Extra fine merino wool has exceptional properties that include fantastic softness, shine and breathability.

Many women in rural Uruguay make their living from wool and have established groups of hand knitters. Through such forms of independent cooperation, the female artisans are able to create work for themselves and provide for their families whilst staying in their home villages and keeping traditional skills alive.

Fascinated by the colours of nature, Ound works exclusively with undyed wool and embrace its natural colour range. Ound creates different colour shades by mixing and hand-knitting the yarns in a variety of ways. Currently, Ound works with super fine wools from the Merino and Corriedale breeds, and by introducing new qualities to the mix, possibilities be

come endless. Ound's wools are free from chemicals, and the yarns are three-ply twisted to minimise pilling.

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