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Grew up in the sublime scenery of the German Alps. The rurality of the area with its solutide and scantiness fostered her puristic sense of beauty. And in traditional handcraft techniques she found a medium for developing her unique aesthetic.

Stephanie studied fashion and textile design at the FH Reutlingen, Germany, and at Winchester School of Art, u.k. She graduated in 2001.

The jewelry label 17 was launched in 2006. Stephanie's textile background is apparent in each of her pieces. She mixes materials from mohair to silk and linen with traditional jeweler's metals. With dexterity and love for detail Stephanie manages to transform her sensibility for pure und precise textures into delicate, timeless pieces of jewelry of the highest quality.

And as for the label's name, it stands for Schneider's philosophy, summarized through her knack for numerology: 1 is the beginning , 7 is perfection and when added they equal 8, a number that symbolizes eternity. A fitting philosophy, jewelry being something that one holds on to forever.


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