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Beautiful Freak Fashion Lab will host a slow fashion workshop: Making a Japanese tea bag (shifuku) using katazome print on Friday, the 15th April 2022.


At our popping up venue in London:-

658 High Road Leyton

E10 6JP


The bag for tea bowl and other tools in the tea ceremony in Japan is called shifuku. The katazome is Japnese traditional printing using rice glue and dye.


The workshop will last for 3 hours, including:-

Making and cutting your own print design;

Place the rice glue to your design on the vintage fabric;

Hand sewing the shifuku bag;

Hand dye the shifuku bag with an indigo vat;

30 minutes tea break, serving Japanese sweets with matcha tea.


The dimensions of your handmade bag will be 15cm x 15cm.

Workshop: make Japanese matcha tea bag with Emi Fujisawa

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