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Immerse yourself in the artistic realm with Studio Kettle's iconic Fisherman Hat, a piece handcrafted from the exquisite beeswaxed cotton in a captivating Khaki hue. Born from the essence of slow fashion, this hat celebrates the beauty of intricate craftsmanship, with every meticulous detail meticulously woven into its fabric. Beyond its functional purpose, this versatile creation transcends expectations, allowing you to explore an array of captivating ways to wear it. Like a sculpture taking shape, the Fisherman Hat becomes a wearable work of art, effortlessly molding to your unique style and vision. Let Studio Kettle's artistry ignite your imagination as you embrace the transformative power of this extraordinary hat, an emblem of timeless elegance and sartorial refinement.


The maker says:-

Dedicated to William Arthur Jones (August 1945 - October 2022) & Barbara Jones (January 1947 - November 2014)

‘Two Figures’ tells the story of love, life, and loss. A reminder to keep close those who mean most to us, to cherish the time we have. Dedicated to Babs & Bill, my paternal grandparents; two time pub landlords, and lifetime partners. ‘Two Figures’ pays homage to the Milton Avery painting of the same name (oil on canvas, 1960).


Made from beeswaxed cotton

100% cotton lining

Handmade in England


The maker:

Studio Kettle at

Studio Kettle Fisherman in Beeswaxed Khaki

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