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watercolour paintings by Marjolein Poortvliet

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[SCHA]Traveller Big "2R+" Woven Hat

What is important about my hats: they are about form, they are about colour, they are about structure, they are not so much about decoration, they are about beauty, they are about simplicity, they are about reduction, they are about perfection, they are to play with. Most of my hats have many faces. It depends on the way you wear them. It depends on the way you combine them." — Ewa Kulasek

Risa Nakamura SS23 Found in a Bottle

Our story started from "MS. FOUND IN A BOTTLE". We found Risa by chance, and suddenly falling in love with Risa's design, we appreciate how Risa makes her clothes in Bergamo. The hand shaped and polished wooden buttons, hand sewn silk fabric and cotton thread buttons, washed garments idea inspire you to enjoy the different look after each wash.


We love this how Stephanie combines silver, gold, silk, mohair, pearls, and raw diamonds with passion and patience, created a very unique, rich in texture jewellery. This lovely weaving technique makes the ring a textile-like appeal and feeling.

[SCHA]Canotier Big „RB“ - cotton hat outfit

[SCHA] makes unique hats and clothes, all the pieces are handmade in [SCHA] own manufactory in Cologne, Germany, in small and the vintage qualities, in limited editions. Ewa Kulasek has a strong background in sculpture, her designs are real art pieces and are inspiring us in every way.

Kettle Postcard collection

Carefully handcrafted, made from waxed cotton with hand painted details. "Postcard" collection

Queen’s Wood Studio Larking hoops II

A beautiful combination with silver and golden bronze. Each hoop is made from recycling silver, each pair is unique.

Aleksandr Manamis PATCHED WAISTCOAT mens detail

Aleksandr Manamis has created a collection with beautiful prints and rich textures on the fabric. We enjoy touch each garment and unleash our imagination to style them in many different ways.

Aleksandr Manamis Pant Jacquard

Bird and Nest Print shirt and Embroidery Detail Oval Pants

PRAS Shellcap Low Kinari x Black

Japan’s PRAS / Paradise Rubber Athletic Shoes is the creation of Anachronorm designer Tanushi Tomoki, and is a new standard in quality and durability.

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  • Beautiful Freak Fashion Lab Pop-Up Shop
    24 Jun, 11:00 BST – 26 Jun, 18:00 BST
    London, 108 Stable St, London N1C 4DQ, UK
    Showcasing our carefully curated beauties, including many exclusive garments accessories and jewellery.
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