Mani Leather Studio

Beautiful leather fashion accessories handmade from factory offcuts

MANI means in Italian "hands" - all of our products are produced by hand and using just sewing machine and hand tools. We are a small studio, where all products are done by just 1-3 people.

working on leather

MANI means many great things, but in this case it seeks to find a new one – beautiful leather fashion accessories handmade from factory offcuts.

MANI uses leather which have natural and factory-made “mistakes”, what is normally sent to scrap and eliminated by the factories. Therefor each piece is limited edition and often completely unique, bringing life and purpose to leather that would otherwise be wasted.

MANI is also working with alternative materials such as different upcycled and vegetable-based material. There are also ongoing prototype testing with alternative natural based materials that have low impact on our carbon footprint.

Maria Rojko Nisu, the founder of MANI leather studio, believes circular economy and keeps this principle in her designs, disassembling the product and re-using the material for new items.

MANI leather bag