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Lemuel MC

Our Pick.

Wearing Lemuel MC is like to compose a love story that accompanies us to grow.

You could find yourself in linen, this was where “portraits in linen” idea came from.

Designer Bio.

As the founder of London based brand Lemuel MC, Marta told us: "I always liked dressing differently when I was a teenager, a lot of the time that involved wearing her grandmothers clothes from her youth.”

But she didn’t want to study fashion as she didn’t like the fashion vibe. “I always appreciated people having different interests and that everyone is equal and no one is better than someone else just because of their chosen subject or what they wear.”

After graduating with a textile degree in Brighton, Marta worked as a designer for high fashion brands in the UK, which “was a great apprenticeship for learning high-quality , classic design. Marta recalled the seeds for Lemuel MC were really sown during the time. She then continued to build up her simple and healthy fashion kingdom.

Marta believes linen made clothes are classically sustainable, long lasting, easy to look after and will become even more beautiful after years of wearing.

She added:”As well as being beautiful and hard-wearing, linen is one of the most sustainable fabrics, being naturally and efficiently made from flax, which in turn needs much less water in production than cotton or synthetic fibres.”

Marta is so passionate about linen, she explained:”I love designing with linen, as it’s a challenge of how to create original pieces with such an ancient fibre, I think it is slightly different way of design, as my starting point is always the specific linen I have.”

Marta has always been so proud that this fabric has no seasonal limit – you could wear linen in four seasons of the year!


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