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Our pick.

Rosie is one of bffashionlab's talented friends, we found her by chance, and soon falling in love with her works, appreciation of artisan craftmanship has created the emotional connection to her pieces that were exquisitely made. We adore the garments that created and touched and shaped by her.

Our maker.

RHEN is an acronym of Rosalind's given names and serves as the title, for under which she creates her clothing. Rosalind, who after 11 years as professional dancer re-trained in mens tailoring, on Savile Row, London. All garments being designed and created in her small studio in South East London.

Rhen makes for men and women, often blurring the line between the two.

Re-imagined classic tailoring spliced with theatrical mysticism, each garment is made with movement in mind, for ease of living and the pleasure of comfort. A great portion of each garment if made by hand, honouring age-old tailoring techniques. Natural fibres are a great inspiration in the design process bringing texture, longevity and founctionality. The colours and textures found in natural cloth also lend themselves to a harmonious and elegant image, bringing a oneness to any wardrobe.


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